Investing to achieve your goals

Our process

Our investment process is focused on helping you achieve your wider goals. Our aim isn’t to beat an arbitrary benchmark or another fund manager’s returns, it’s simply to deliver the objectives of your financial plan.

To do that we follow a tried and tested three-step process.

Our three step process


Asset allocation

We partner with the UK’s market leader in asset modelling and risk management. We use their recommended strategic asset allocation and apply our own tactical adjustments to suit current market conditions to find additional value.


Fund manager selection

Our research team then undertakes comprehensive due diligence to identify the appropriate fund managers for each portfolio’s asset allocation. This due diligence is regularly revisited, ensuring the ongoing appropriateness of the selected managers.


Portfolio construction and oversight

Our Investment Committee meets at least quarterly and is responsible for overseeing, and testing, our processes. Our investment experts are integral to all portfolio decisions and work collaboratively with our Financial Planners and, in some instances, our clients directly, to ensure that investment objectives are achieved.

As your money grows, financial decisions can become more complex. We’re here to smooth out the complications and bring clarity and a feeling of calm to the process.

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